My mission is to guide you on your memory keeping journey using high quality, creative and informative online lessons that will reveal your creativity and transform your life.  You'll learn the steps to take your project from concept to stunning completion.

Imagine creating projects that you love and others will too!  You'll be amazed how quickly you'll find your own inner voice, grow, and even excel.  First, you'll learn the basics.  Next, add on some kick-butt skills to get you to the next level.  Along the way, you'll become confident in your style!

Our course series, Photoshop Elements for Digital Scrapbookers, teaches you the creative and technical skills of design.  We specifically target digital scrapping using Photoshop Elements.  Don't worry if you're an absolute beginner.  First, we'll walk you through the basics of Photoshop Elements. Then, you'll go step by step through the basics.  Finally, you can go beyond the basics to learn some popular cool techniques.

However, if you're already familiar with PSE you can skip the Primer and go straight to learning how to use Photoshop Elements for scrapbooking.

Not sure? Find the path that's right for you here.